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Rainbow Trout (Himalayan Salmon) fish scientifically know as “Oncorhynchus mykiss” is a Salmonid Fish. Its a Fresh, Cold Water fish and we have organic ponds/farms in Bageshwar, Uttarakhand at an altitude of 2000 to 3000 m where we have natural streams of water & Rivers originating from Himalayan Glaciers. This fish required fresh and high current flowing water having water temperature of 10 to 15 degree throughout the year. Rainbow trout is highly nutrient and tasty fish having rich source of protein and Omega 3. This fish is good for Heart, Immunity and Arthritis.

The ideal size of fish is 400 g to 1.2 kg and take 15 to 18 months to grow. Doable has technical and financial backing of Govt of Uttarakhand and ICAR – DCFR to promote and create robust network of supply chain and processing facility to make this fish available to Indian Consumers. We are already supplying fresh & chilled whole fish to leading e commerce companies & HORECA in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kochi & Kolkata.